MeeJung Ko
UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California Berkeley

I am a passionate neuroscientist with a primary interest in understanding the neural mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders. My previous experience in Dr. Richard van Rijn's lab at Purdue has thus far provided a strong background in GPCR pharmacology, disease modeling and molecular signaling.

Currently as a PPFP postdoc fellow in Dr. Daniela Kaufer's lab at UC Berkeley, I am investigating the glial mechanisms of psychedelic medicine in both male and female brains by incorporating advanced research techniques such as in vivo miniature microscope, automated rodent behaviors, and human stem cell-based functional imaging.

In the lab, I enjoy mentoring and working with a group of 13 vibrant graduate, undergraduate and postbacc students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Outside the lab, I enjoy gardening and trying out a new Korean restaurant in the Bay Area.